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Explore the author's map to discover strange stories from Mitcham and the surrounding areas.


Message from the author

Okay, first the bad news: due to changes in my circumstances, I am unable to continue to offer Mysterious Mitcham for free as a website. Maintaining and updating the site over the past two decades has been a labour of love and I am immensely sorry to see it disappear.

But now the good news: rather than let the content disappear, I have turned the website into a book. While preparing the manuscript, I took the opportunity to include some extra material that had not yet been added to the website. You can buy the book here.

A Kindle version of Mysterious Mitcham went live in April 2024.

A paperback version of the book is scheduled for publication later in 2024.

With best wishes,

James Clark, 29 April 2024

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Mysterious Mitcham

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