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"Mysterious Mitcham":
"Mysterious Mitcham" is the sequel to "Strange Mitcham": read it online now

More Mitcham Publications:
For a list of other titles about Mitcham, please click here.

Readers interested in the Mitcham area may also like to know of a series of local interest booklets written about Mitcham's neighbour, Wimbledon. To learn more about these, visit the Enigma Publishing website.

The curiosities of another of Mitcham's neighbours, Croydon, have also been documented. For details, see the Strange Croydon website.

Project Albion:
"Strange Mitcham" was written as part of Project Albion, a research effort instigated by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. (Click the link to visit the ASSAP website.) Project Albion aims to record and collate mysteries and folklore from all across the British Isles, and has been described as a "Domesday Book of the paranormal".


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